Frequently asked questions

What is Art Products L.L.C.?

APLLC is an opportunity. APLLC is an organization that seeks to better locate talent, so talent can be better located. It is intended to be a vehicle, a sounding board, a cheer leader to push the artists that choose us. What does that mean? This is not a call for artists, DO NOT send links to your website! Excel at your craft, make some noise in an interesting way, stretch, grow, impress, go for broke, and challenge your community. Do excellent work and you will find us, we are not looking for you, we are looking for the work. Your work is your Bat signal, turn it on.

What does APLLC do?

APLLC creates opportunity to better expose artists to our community. There is no set time table of exhibitions or happenings. There may be 1 event a year, there might be 4. Events may be up for a month, a week or a day. This is about seizing opportunities as they become available, waiting for stars to align. Artists meet space, and magic can happen. APLLC is here to educate the community about the artists it works with. Talks, conversations and printed information will be available for each event. This information will include the names of the galleries representing the artists so you can find them and purchase their work.

What APLLC is not.

APLLC is not here to entertain or to create sheer spectacle unless of course spectacle is part of the artist’s intent. It is not a free for all. Not all artists are right for these events.

Does APLLC represent artists?


Is APLLC a gallery?


Does APLLC sell art?

APLLC will assist in connecting artists with clients. This could be either through the galleries that represent the artists or through direct sales. If artists have gallery representation, we have provided throughout the site, direct contact with that artist’s representative to purchase work. In the event of direct sales, APLLC’s proceeds go towards further producing opportunities for artists.

Where do I see or hear about these shows?

These exhibitions will be announced through social media, email lists and word of mouth. Get on a mailing list or find that cool art friend who is in the know.

How did this all start?

This all started when I had to create an opportunity for myself. In 2014 the Atlanta architect David Yocum presented me with a house and asked me to create a work of art from it. The house was coming down to make way for a new home for his family. I pierced the house with an I-beam that was 47 feet long and carved from wood, stained black and lacquered. Later, I began making cinder blocks from foam and presenting them to the public. Visitors would assemble and disassemble the stacks of blocks, creating as they see fit. This project was presented at eh Decatur book festival, Chastain Park and the High Museum of Art’s lobby. The blocks were later thrown into a swimming pool at the NADA art fair in Miami, floating and bobbing to the beats of their annual party. I then began using my actual studio space for an occasional exhibition for students such as Alicia Collins When she was told her edgier work could not be shown at her university gallery due to subject matter.

This all leads to now. In the Spring of 2018, I was planning a wall drawing at Hathaway Contemporary. I had every intention of protecting the floor from the puddles of the paint I was pouring. Laura said to me, “I have to tell you a secret and you can’t tell anyone. They are tearing the building down later this year, so pour it on the floor.” I went back to the studio and that statement kept entering my mind. It was permission, I wanted to give that permission to my fellow artists. So, I emailed to start the discussion about the last exhibition in Hathaway’s original space. An exhibition that would be the essence of Art Products L.L.C. I had 75% of the artists in mind already and the other 25% were young, and I didn’t know several of them well, but I liked their work and it started conversations, and we made a show. The exhibition and all of its contents will be destroyed in December of 2018. It will be documented on video from inside and from the air.

With that destruction comes a new beginning.