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- The Temporary Art Center (TAC) is pleased to announce our first gallery takeover. TAC is excited to be working with HATHAWAY Contemporary Gallery on a two-person exhibition of Drew Conrad (Hudson, NY) and Michael Genovese (Los Angeles, CA). For this exhibition artist/curator Scott Ingram pairs the intimate works on paper of these two artists better known for their large-scale artworks. “Intimate Margins” explores the ways in which Conrad and Genovese use line and margins, and basic geometries of squares and rectangles in various states of alignment, or miss-alignment to create their compositions. Conrad’s work employs photography and drawing to create spaces of isolation while Genovese is almost playing the slots on his phone to find his compositions. Entering words into Google and catching screen grabs of color as the phone is processing the imagery. That split second before the true image is realized. In both bodies of work the artist’s hand is subtly but impactfully represented.

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